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Outdoor Sign Ideas to Boost Your Brand

The image of your brand on the street plays a big role in your customers’ perception of your business. Our team understands this and helps our clients find solutions that fit their branding and location goals.

One-stop design, fabrication and installation of signage and architectural elements with professional project management.

A flush mount sign is one of the most economical ways to display your business’s information, said . This style of sign is attached to the wall with a raceway that houses all electric components. Installation requires 3-5 holes per letter to be drilled into the wall, then the wires are fished through and connected to the dedicated sign circuit.

The stylish wrought iron construction of these building signs allows you to keep your sign visible no matter the weather conditions. The frame is available in a variety of finishes and sizes to match your decor theme.

A full range of signage and fabrication solutions, including permitting, surveys, design, manufacturing, and installation – all delivered with a personal touch and exacting standards. Our team is focused on your success. That’s why we have dedicated project managers to ensure you are fully informed and able to make the right decisions at every step. Get a quote today!

Cabinet signs, also known as box signs or wall signs, display your business name in a bold fashion on the exterior of your building. These signs are internally illuminated by energy-efficient LED, fluorescent, or neon bulbs to help you stand out day and night.

These large sign types feature custom-shaped metal frames and acrylic faces, which are covered in a graphic or image that reflects your brand’s style. They’re a popular choice for businesses that want to display their business name and logo on their front facade.

A cabinet sign can be one-sided, or double-sided, allowing your business to be visible no matter which direction customers are coming from. Cabinet signs are also a popular option for business centers and shopping malls that need to identify the name of the development as well as its selected tenants. They can be mounted on a wall, as a monument sign, or perpendicular to a pole in a multi-tenant pylon sign.

A lighted sign is an eye-catching way to send a message, whether you’re open for business, showing your support for a local team or simply sprucing up your decor. Choose from a range of options including backlit dimensional signs, illuminated channel letters and cabinet signs.

Illuminated channel letter signs (also known as halo lit) are individual letters made of metal that spell out the name of your company and are backed with LED halo lighting for an added pop in the evenings. These are a great option for retail storefronts, restaurants and even bars that want to stand out.

On-site incidental directional or directing signs, no larger than two (2) square feet in area, which guide or direct pedestrian and vehicular traffic for information only and shall not contain any form of advertisement or logos. These are a good option for hotels, motels, apartment complexes and other commercial buildings that want to make it easy for people to navigate their building.

Known by many names, including electronic message centers, digital displays and reader boards, LED signs are perfect for sharing specials and sales on products, services and events. They also work well for sharing public service announcements and promoting community events. They are particularly popular with urgent care centers, municipalities and auto repair shops.

They also provide the advantage of reaching customers on foot or in vehicles who might not otherwise see your business. These signs are also picture-worthy, meaning that customers will share the images on their social media profiles, which increases your exposure.

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